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Jello Playdough Recipe

This is a simple playdough recipe that uses jello to color and provide texture. The jello makes it sound tasty, but I don’t recommend trying to eat it!

Jello Playdough Recipe


  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • Three ounces of jello – any flavor you wish

jello playdough recipe


  • Combine ingredients.
  • Cook over medium heat until it thickens.
  • Knead until cool enough to touch.
  • Enjoy your jellodough!

A good playdough recipe doesn’t take all day to make and this one only takes about 8 minutes. Another great playdough recipe is our microwave playdough recipe, take a look at it.

Extended directions for Jello Playdough Recipe

The final result of this playdough recipe (when it comes to color anyway) really depends on your jello. Choose jello with alot of color for a better result.

Step 1:

Let’s begin with ingredience assembly. Here we have cream of tartar, flour, salt, water, oil and jello.

Jello Playdough Recipe Step 1

Step 2:

Pour all ingredients into a pan.

Jello Playdough Recipe Step 2

Step 3:

Mix the ingredients together. I used a Kiwi jello, since that was what I had in my cabinet. It didn’t do much for color, as you can see.

Jello Playdough Recipe Step 3

Step 4:

I decided to add some food coloring, to make it look a bit more fun.

Jello Playdough Recipe Step 4

Step 5:

After heating the playdough for a few minutes, the texture will begin to change. When the mixture looks like below, it’s only 1-2 minutes from finished.

Jello Playdough Recipe Step 5

Step 6:

Here’s how the homemade playdough should look when finished. All doughy and nice.

Jello Playdough Recipe Step 6

Step 7:

The end result should look like the playdough on the image below. Enjoy!

Jello Playdough Recipe Step 7

This playdough contains salt, something that usually means dry hands after handling it, but the oil actually counteracts that really well.

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  • Emma

    Should the jello be in dry form or as finished jello?

    • admin

      The jello should be in dry form. I will add a step-by-step explanation with images shortly.

  • Sajitha

    I love this play dough recipe! Made it quite a few times already and it always come out right. The jello play dough smells yummy and is softer than regular store bought play dough. Thanks for the recipe!

    • admin

      Always happy to hear about people enjoying our playdough recipes, thank you!



    • admin

      Great! Glad it worked out for you!

  • m

    how long dose it keep

    • admin

      It should be good for a couple of weeks if you store it airtight in the fridge. It’s basically good as long as it doesn’t smell and the texture is playdoughy.

  • Karen

    Just found 2 very out of date (may 2007!) packets of jello at the back of the cupboard. They’re only 1oz and one packet worked fine. I also added glitter. Thanks for all the recipes and clear instructions.

    • admin

      Great! I will add a glittery playdough recipe very soon. Not sure why I haven’t added it before. Thanl you for the feedback 🙂

      • Berliana

        This is super cute!! The original is waaay over pcerid & I love your version. Thanks for sharing!! Stopping by from SITS, have a great day!!Linda

  • Penny Brocklehurst

    Made 2 batches with 2 packs of way expired jello and the colours are awesome. Going to recommend this recipe to everyone.

    • admin

      Fantastic! Very glad to hear 🙂 Thank you!

  • Vanessa

    This is my go-to play dough recipe. I love the texture and it lasts forever in a zip-lock bag. thanks

    • admin

      Great! Depending on the Jello you can get some amazing colors too 🙂

  • Amanda

    Love this! I made about 8 large batches easily for a classroom project. Super easy. I ran out of salt and tried it with the sea salt I had in the house and it worked just fine! I even added glitter and it looks great. Thank you for sharing!

    • admin

      Cool! Thank you for your comment and tip 🙂

  • Sherril Gardiner

    Can I use sugar free jello?? That is what I have at home…

    • admin

      It will probably work well.

    • Andrea Norman

      I actually prefer sugar free jello – it’s a little less sticky that way 🙂

  • bob

    worked great

  • Claire

    Won’t thicken what’s wrong?

  • Kelly

    Is it sticky from the sugar in the jello and does it stain because of the coloring in the jello?

  • A

    How long does it take to form dough after you take it off the burner

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