Cloud Playdough Recipe

This is a super-easy playdough recipe with only two ingredients and you don’t even have to cook them to make the playdough. It’s also very light and the texture/feel of the playdough is a bit funky. An absolute “must try”!

Cloud Playdough Recipe


  • 1/4 cup of baby oil
  • 2 cups of flour

cloud playdough recipe


  • Mix the oil and flour in a bowl.
  • Knead until a cloudy texture is achieved.
  • Let the fun begin!

It can’t get any easier than this and the texture of the finished playdough is just amazing. Surprise and impress your friends and kids with this easy and fluffy playdough recipe.


5 thoughts on “Cloud Playdough Recipe”

  1. This does not work. So annoying. I just wasted flour and baby oil. My kids are sad and I am frustrated. DO NOT MAKE,,,

  2. I’ve made this, and was petty upset, at first, as well, because I was extremely broke and used the last of my flour! But, then I decided to just add more oil, and it worked! I only added a little at a time, until I was happy with the constancy 🙂 My three year old played with it for days!

  3. I make this using 8 cups flour to 1/2 cup baby oil. My kids love it, but it is NOT like Play-Doh. It is more like that kinetic sand stuff (obviously a flour texture instead of a sand texture). You can squeeze it to make a lump of it, then squish it to crumble it again. We keep ours in a clear Rubbermaid-type tub with a lid – it lasts forever. The boys love to use their mini construction trucks in it. It can be messy but cleans up pretty easily and doesn’t stain. We use a paintbrush to get as much out of the toys as possible (archaelogist dig!) before giving the toys baths. Don’t let clumps go down the drain – it dries hard as a rock. Have fun!

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